The beaches of Costa Palmas are home to creatures of all sizes. This includes the Least Tern or Gallito Marinos in Spanish. These grey and white sea birds lay their eggs in the warm Baja sand during the months of May to September. Recently, Jose “Pepito” Manriquez from the Aventura Team was able to capture some incredible shots of these Baja birds both in and out of their shells. Treated as VIPs on the Costa Palmas beach, the native birds receive special attention. To protect some of our favorite guests, the Least Tern Protection Program began 4 years ago.

The program works to provide a safe protected space for Gallito Marinos to lay their eggs. Overseen by Sc.D. Graciela Tiburcio, Technical Responsible for the Wildlife Research and Conservation Program in Los Cabos a member of the Aventura Team checks daily to assure that the over 90 eggs within the program are safe.

The eggs take approximately 21 days to hatch. After that the newborn Gallito Marinos are measured and banded for future tracking. While the birds are no longer on the list of endangered animals, Gallito Marinos are extremely important to the eco-system. Because of this there is a continued effort to protect the speciesAnd Costa Palmas is dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of every member, large and small, of our community.

Monday, July 8, 2019