Scuba Diving on the Cape Less Traveled

Come home to the Sea of Cortez, the ideal place to scuba dive and explore. With Costa Palmas’ expert Aventura team guiding you, experience a variety of unique ocean life, a veritable underwater world just waiting to be discovered in the East Cape Baja waters. Whether you’re an experienced or beginning diver, Aventura will inspire you to enjoy a diverse collection of sea adventures.

Your first adventure is just minutes from Costa Palmas. Here you’ll find Cabo Pulmo National Park. Noted as one of the world’s premier scuba diving locations on the Baja due to its vibrant and long-living coral reefs, in 1995 the area was designated a national park and in 2005 it earned UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

A pair of divers visit the coral reefs of Cabo Pulma

Aventura takes diving expeditions out year-round, but the months between June and November are a diver’s dream! Expect the best visibility, the warmest water and the longest periods of calm weather on the sea. The water temperature is also ideal but gets a bit cooler from December to March – but there’s an distinctive upside to this change in temperature: it’s the ideal time to spot grey and humpback whales and Mobula rays – all absolutely incredible displays of Baja nature.

In fact, on a scuba dive with our Aventura team enjoy watching migrating humpback whales, gentle whale sharks, giant schools of shiny silver jackfish and many other species of tropical fish native to the Baja. Keep your eyes peeled for the majestic sea turtles and manta rays, as well!

Cabo Pulmo offers so many opportunities to experience nature’s aquarium. There are more than a dozen dive sites within Cabo Pulmo National Park, including a shoal, deep reef and an underwater canyon.

Two shipwrecks, the El Colima and El Venecedor, are actually frequented by adventurous scuba divers – here, you may even encounter diverse marine wildlife, including bullsharks, all under the watchful eye of our professional and experienced Aventura instructors.

At the southern end of the Cabo Pulmo National Park nearest to Los Frailes, ditch your scuba gear and enjoy an afternoon swimming near a colony of sea lions. This is also an ideal place to kayak and snorkel and soak up the Baja sun.

In order to prepare for your scuba dive on the East Cape, certification from a respected international dive association is require. Dive certificates from PADI, SSI and NOUI are accepted – but always check with us prior to planning your adventure so we can give you the most up-to-date information. In addition, it’s important to know that it’s forbidden to come within 8 feet of the coral reef in order to continue protecting these national treasures.

Finally, just south of Cabo Pulmo National Park you’ll find Costa Palmas, on the cape less traveled. Here, experience a 5-star experience with incredible amenities for those with Aventura in their heart.

Friday, January 14, 2022