Introducing Costa Palmas Community

It’s the unspoiled beaches and natural wonders, the culture and the heritage of the community that inspired the development at Costa Palmas. As part of the vision for this new destination, Costa Palmas is committed to protecting the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.

Environment – Minimizing environmental impact through conservation and preservation is of utmost importance. From beach cleanups, protecting flora and fauna, setting up recycling programs, to providing water resources to the local community, Costa Palmas has taken the lead on creating various programs with the support of the local community and employees.

Social Programs – Costa Palmas is dedicated to creating opportunities that further the socio-economic development of the East Cape.  We collaborate with the community in both the public and private sectors through a portfolio of programs that directly impact the surrounding areas.

Economic – Costa Palmas represents a significant investment for the destination, generating a sizable economic advantage for the community through the creation of various employment opportunities. To date, Costa Palmas has created over 1,500 new jobs.

To learn more about Costa Palmas commitment to the community, programs, certifications and more, please visit:

Costa Palmas Community Website

Thursday, April 11, 2019