Introducing Casena

Breeze through the welcoming sky blue doors at Casena, the Costa Palmas Marina Village’s first retail store, and enter a retail experience like no other. Curated wholly from artisans throughout Mexico, the rustic yet elegant space is yours to discover. Surrounded by natural stone, warm tones and vibrant colors inspired by Old World Mexico, the minimalist design at Casena enhances the multidisciplinary display of found objects, treasures and collectibles.

Casena is the family name of one of the first settlers on the Baja peninsula. Hailing originally from Italy, legend has it that the family went to “the end of the road” on their journey and ended up in the Baja.
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Inspired by this history and spark for exploration and discovery, Cory Heenan, Costa Palmas Director of Brand Partnerships & Experienced, traveled throughout Mexico to find just the right collection to exhibit at Casena.

“All of the products within the walls of Casena – from specialty foods and clothing to pottery and jewelry – are all made by Mexican artisans,” said Cory. “I explored Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende and Oaxaca and met incredibly skilled and talented people who have honed the traditional techniques and incorporated their unique approach into new and exciting offerings that pay homage to the region, to history, to Mexico.”

What you will find at Casena is an example of the passion of the makers and creators throughout Mexico. Explore a capsule collection of stylish home goods and apparel sourced from Mexican designers like Tributo and Marvilla (Jalisco and Mexico City). Enjoy a curated collection of pantry staples – like salsas from Molto (Mexico City) and Mexican honey from Queen Bee (Yucatan), along with fresh-baked bread from Suculenta (Oaxaca) and fresh coffees made from Mexico’s finest coffee experience, Coffee Lab (Los Cabos). Here, gather, experience and allow the experience to please the senses.

Visually within the gathering space find a painted mural by local artist, Maria Escheverria. The thoughtful and dynamic design is inspired by discovered ruins. When designing, Maria pictured a Pericu palace. The Pericus were the original indigenous people who lived on the Baja peninsula. Maria’s interpretation of what they would have decorated with, colors they would have used, materials that would have inspired them came to life within her vibrant work of art. Notice the focus on endemic Baja plants and the touch of color that Mexico is so well known.

Open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, find the essentials at Casena. Follow them on Instagram for the most recent store updates.

Friday, January 14, 2022