Glassy Morning Sessions

During the first few hours of the day the Sea of Cortez puts on a daily show. With yesterday’s afternoon breeze long gone and today’s sea breeze still a few hours away, the ocean glasses off.

Not surprisingly, the beach is alive and buzzing with early risers.

Avid fly fishing folk stalk the beaches looking for schools of Rooster Fish while a band of bikers buzz along the high tide line on an early beach ride. In amongst the activity, there are always a group of water lovers enjoying a memorable morning paddle board session.

Paddle boarding has been around for centuries. Originally a technique used by African Warriors, the Hawaiians later popularized the modern version of the sport introducing stable light boards that make the sport fun and easy for everyone.

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We’re blessed with our location, Costa Palmas is a paddle board paradise. Cruising around in the calm conditions feels effortless allowing you to get lost in the flourishing world beneath.

Common sightings include schools of Sierra or Spotted Eagle Rays, cruising the ocean floor twenty feet beneath the surface.

After the paddle session, it’s back to the beach to rinse off and refuel. Then, right on cue, the sea breeze starts to fill in.

It must be time for breakfast.

Friday, June 10, 2016