Exceptional Retail Experiences in Baja

Elevated Collections only at Costa Palmas

Multi-dimensional luxury experiences inspired by the promise of adventure and untamed nature exist in the three retail experiences found at Costa Palmas. Curated by Cory Heenan, Director of Brand Partnerships and Experience at Costa Palmas, the collection includes bespoke offerings and pieces direct from native artisans and elevated brands.

“All three retail encounters at Costa Palmas: East Cape, East Cape Co. and the Golf Pro Shop, build on my 20 years of experience in the garment and textiles industry,” said Heenan.

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“Each item deliberately placed within the three spaces have been thoughtfully sourced and curated to support the dimensions of luxury that a Costa Palmas guest knows and expects.”

First, the Los Angeles-inspired airy East Cape boutique carries everything needed for a stay at Costa Palmas. From vintage-inspired jewelry (Jenna Blake Jewelry) and handmade shoes inspired by world travel (Res Ispa) to sustainable denim (RE/DONE) to timeless swimsuits (MIKOH) – expect to encounter exclusive brands and items unlike any other retail experience on the Baja.

Next, discover something for the whole family at the East Cape Co. concept store. “We have sourced a thoughtful exhibition of items inspired by a conscious lifestyle,” said Heenan. “The finely-crated assortment of classic essentials featured a unique, Baja spin and incorporate both Mexican and American products.”

The East Cape Co. is home to a selection of naturally-derived, clean and plant-based skin, hair care products, makeup and essential oils (Esker, Kinfield, Campo, Goop, Fellow, Linné, Alder New York, Playa, Sachajuan, Salt & Stone, Monika Blunder).

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The boutique is also the only retailer on the Baja of a series of brands, including Retrouvé, the luxury personal skincare line, Kelly Slater’s sustainable clothing for men, Outerknown, the natural plant-based premium skincare brands, Haoma, Saya and Play, along with handmade textiles from Mexican brand: MexChic.

Here, find sandals (By James, Birkenstock, Moes, Brandblack) and other essentials like sunglasses (Iziplzl), notebooks (Laika + Rocco) and ceramics (Marvilla), bags (Lordag & Sondag), fragrances and candles (Maison Louis Marie) and of course, Costa Palmas tequila.

Costa Palmas Retail Stores
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Finally, at the Golf Pro Shop you’ll find everything you need for a day on the links… and more. Encounter premium activewear designed for life both on and off the course, the gym and the courts. The contemporary and sustainable options include outfitting for adventure, be that golf, yoga, tennis, pickleball and more. Here, choose from exclusive brands like Beyond, Reigning Champ, Sol Angeles and more.

Whatever you may need or delight in is at hand in the three retail boutiques at Costa Palmas. Look forward to additional spaces in the days ahead as Cory and his team focus on additional retail options, including a cafe and coffee shop, home-goods and decor and more.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021