Costa Palmas Celebrates Local Paralympic Medalist

Rosa Carolina Castro received a warm welcome in her hometown of La Ribera after taking home the Bronze medal in the 2021 Paralympics in Tokyo. With the celebratory songs of mariachi resounding through the late afternoon air and the warm applause of her friends and family, community, local authorities and members of the Costa Palmas team, the surprise event brought Carolina, known as “Rosita”, to tears.

Rosita won the Bronze medal representing Mexico on September 4, 2021, throwing the discus for a distance of 33.73 meters, just behind Chinese athletes Mi Na (Gold, 38.50 meters) and Li Yingli (33.73) meters. At just 19 years of age, this was Rosita’s debut at the Paralympics, making her the first athlete from Los Cabos to participate in the Paralympic games. This is an exceptional feat for anyone, but especially for Rosita who lives with cerebral palsy.

“We started this as a game and we ended up in Tokyo,” said Rosita’s coach and trainer, Humberto Cosío Agúndez. “Rosita and I would like this to serve as an example of perseverance, of work – of love for what we do.”

Rosita and I would like this to serve as an example of perseverance, of work – of love for what we do.
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In speaking to the community gathered, Cosio went on to say, “Whatever you do, do it with love, with passion. This achievement is not just ours; it belongs to everyone. And we share it with pleasure.”

Cosío went on to thank Costa Palmas, who along with the Instituto del Deporte del Municipio (INDEM) de Los Cabos, have been instrumental in sponsoring Rosita in her quest to make it to the Paralympics. Together, the organizations remain committed to working together for the advancement of La Ribera athletes of all abilities.

“Rosita’s achievements at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2021 are proof that tenacity, discipline and passion give great results,” said Cristina Dyson, representative of Costa Palmas.” Thank you for sharing your triumph with us and for being an example for generations that will follow you on this path that you are forging.” Rosita plans on continuing to train and grow, and thanks to the commitment from the local community, she and others will be inspired and supported to do so.

Juan Carlos Montaño, La Ribera Delegate, added, “Rosita, the celebrations and festivities are a result of your efforts and hard work, and that of your family and your coach and the Deporte del Municipio de Los Cabos. You have placed Baja California Sur at the top of the sports sphere and you have made us very proud. To be a great athlete, you have to have to be a great human, and that you are!

It was a joyous occasion for Rosita and all who helped and supported her to accomplish her athletic goals. Costa Palmas was honored to join with the Association of Athletes with Cerebral Palsy of Baja California Sur (Asedepace), the La Ribera community officials, and the Instituto del Deportes of Los Cabos in this momentous occasion.

Monday, October 11, 2021