Canyon Hiking

Despite our beautiful beachfront location, Costa Palmas is just a short drive away from some fantastic hiking in the Sierra La Laguna Mountains. These granite mountains run down the spine of Baja California Sur with the highest peak (Picacho de la Laguna) reaching an impressive 7,090 ft. This sublime mountain range was declared a biosphere reserve back in 1994 and is popular with hikers, bikers and climbers.


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The mountains here are often described as an island in the sky as their climate is completely different to the surrounding area. Particularly during the summer, the mountains are surrounded by clouds creating significant mist and rain. It’s this rainfall that flows down the mountains, through the canyons with their spectacular waterfalls and eventually makes it way to the farms and homes that surround Costa Palmas.

Typically, we spend our time hiking in the canyons that lie in the foothills of the mountain range, although memorable overnight hiking trips are available for those who are particularly adventurous. Here are a few pictures from some recent hikes.

Thursday, September 15, 2016