An Immersive Experience

Marine Wildlife Viewing on the East Cape

The oldest of 3 coral reefs on the west coast of North America is located south of Costa Palmas. Dedicated as an official Marine Reserve in 1995, Cabo Pulmo stretches only 3 miles wide and 9 miles long, but the coral, which grows on rock outcrops that run perpendicular to the coastline, supports an impressive array of marine life.

A couple of weeks ago, guests at Costa Palmas joined Marco, the Aventura Director and embarked on an incredible experience viewing marine life first-hand. The ocean was teeming with life – giant groupers, sea bass, angel fish, moray eels, Carey de Concha (Hawksbill) sea turtles and more. It was an impressive show for the divers!

The scuba collective was even able to swim with a massive school of Big Eye Jacks, as well. Also known as Horse-eye jacks, these silvery-grey fish grow to a maxim recorded length of 101 cm (3.3 ft.)  and 13.4 kilos (29 lbs).

The Cabo Pulmo reserve, dubbed “The aquarium of the world” by Jacques Cousteau is a clear-water paradise with a wealth of marine life. When visiting Costa Palmas, make plans to dive in and explore with our Aventura Team.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018