A Day of Luxury: The Costa Palmas orchard Offers Life’s Simplest Pleasures

“At some point in life, the world’s beauty becomes enough.”
—Toni Morrison

Recently Costa Palmas prepared a truly unique and restful day, in one of the world’s most glorious places on earth: the orchard. Here, Costa Palmas members had the opportunity to savor one of life’s quieter moments.

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Under the midday sun, they were welcomed by Costa Palmas staff members who gathered and toured the land, while sharing exciting visions for the future of the brimming, blossoming space.


Chef Gonzalo Cerda’s fare for the afternoon was light and inspired. The menu was created with a nod to the soil, the sun, and the simplicity of life’s true luxuries, made with ripe, farm-fresh ingredients from the field.


The orchard is already becoming a place of community and celebration and promises to be a picturesque location for Club Sunday Brunches, romantic dinners, and many, many garden parties, of every variety. There is no end in sight of Costa Palmas members gathering here, first and foremost as a place where they can reconnect with the earth and its miraculous beauty.

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Friday, March 3, 2023