Hatching Turtles

Monday, July 25, 2016

Did you know that we have a turtle team here at Costa Palmas?

For the last few months, turtles in the Sea of Cortez have been laying their eggs on the beaches of the Bahía las Palmas. Once their eggs are laid, our turtle conservation team relocate their nests to a safer zone on the beach. Turtle eggs are an easy target for predators and poachers and the team’s work helps to ensure maximum survival rates.

After roughly 50-60 days of incubation, the baby turtles break free from their shells, crawl to the surface and make a dash for the ocean. Working closely with our turtle team, guests and visitors are often able to witness one of nature’s great events and help the new born turtles make it safely into the ocean.

Here are some pictures from a hatching event last week. It really is a magical show.