Exploring the East Cape: A hike and a swim

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Summer & Autumn rains are always welcomed after a dry Winter and Spring on the East Cape. The lluvia de verano (and otoño) gifts the community with ideal temperatures and also the Sierra la Laguna mountains with the water it needs to feed the stunning local waterfalls. In addition, the showers leave in its wake a blanket of blooming green and splashes of color across the usually arid landscape.

Recently, Costa Palmas guests joined the Aventura Team on a day trip to the waterfalls — a full day of adventure and exploration.

The hike commenced at Rancho Sol de Mayo, owned and operated by ranchero, Don Priscilliano de la Peña. Located within the Sierra de la Laguna park, the ranch is a Baja treasure. In fact, Rancho de Sol de Mayo has been family-owned and operated for more than 7 generations. The working ranch is filled with charm and a glimpse into Baja life.

From the ranch, the group made the short hike to the Sol de Mayo waterfalls located in the Cañon de la Zora (Fox Canyon). Surrounded by indigenous flora and fauna, the group experienced authentic Baja, including barrel cactus, sahuaro and more.

The group hike, curated and led by the Aventura team, was rewarded with one of the most awe-inspiring locations for an afternoon of refreshing swimming.

Costa Palmas is surrounded by magnificent natural beauty, all of which can be witnessed on foot, by ATV, by bicycle or by sea with the Aventura team. For more information about our private beachfront residences in Cabo, continue to peruse our website.

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