7 Adrenaline-Pumping Excursions to Try on Your East Cape Trip

Headed to East Cape? This hidden oasis just east of Cabo has some of the best activities for adrenaline-junkies  you will find on the continent. In and around the area, there are a number of activities fit for any adrenaline level. Whether you want to free fall from a plane or soar through the water […]

Is Yachting Right for You?

Is yachting right for you? What could be more magical than setting sail on a magnificent watercraft? The yachting lifestyle is one of effortless elegance that puts the world at your fingertips. Yachting offers discerning travelers a unique, luxurious experience–but is it a match for your lifestyle and expectations? When docking your yacht or chartering […]

5 Things Yachters Love About Living on the Water

Yacht life offers a level of excitement unlike any other. Dock your yacht at the Marina Village at Costa Palmas and discover everything Cabo has to offer. Variety is the spice of life. Why not shake up your scenery and set sail on a sea of endless adventures? Whether you’re planning your next long weekend […]

5 Luxe Benefits of Dining On Board a Yacht Near Cabo

There’s something decidedly decadent about dining aboard a yacht, which is essentially a five-star hotel on water. Everything you desire is at your fingertips, and a world of adventure awaits with the sparkling sea mere steps from your luxury watercraft. For people who are passionate about food, it doesn’t get any better. The next time […]

6 Superyacht Maintenance Tips to Follow When You Dock in East Cape

Your superyacht is your home away from home, and you can help it run and look its best with some basic superyacht maintenance. And although you should leave major repairs to the experts, there are some vital tasks that you can do on your own. Docked in the East Cape of Baja California Sur. Work […]

7 Historical Sights You Should Visit While in East Cape

You may have visited the beautiful beaches of East Cape Baja, and maybe even hiked the mountainous terrain. But how much do you really know about Los Cabos? With a long, storied history that stretches back over 10,000 years, Los Cabos is a colorful, cultural epicenter located on the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Are […]

10 Celebrities Who Have Owned Yachts

Taking your yacht to the East Cape? If you’re headed to the southern tip of Baja California Sur, you might see a few celebrity-owned yachts. The resort destination has become a mecca for wealthy travelers, especially those who own luxury sailboats and mega yachts. In addition to exquisite weather and exceptional sport fishing in the […]

On-Board Yachting Etiquette First-Timers Should Know

Are you preparing for your first yachting trip? If so, get ready for regal accommodations that rival a five-star resort on water. There is some yacht etiquette you might want to know. Yachting is a first-class experience, especially if you’re sailing near Los Cabos, and with it comes a set of guidelines for well-mannered guests […]

How to Pack for Your Next Yachting Trip in Los Cabos

Not sure how to pack for a trip to Los Cabos? Few luxury experiences in life can surpass chartering a yacht, whether it’s for a day, a weekend, or a week. Frequent visitors to Los Cabos already know that the weather holds few surprises, making an ocean voyage a near “sure thing” in terms of […]

Explore the Sierra de la Laguna Mountain Range With These 4 Tips

Are you in dire need of some rejuvenation? Consider visiting Los Cabos! Recharge your mind, body, and soul surrounded by nature’s most breathtaking sights. If adventure and solitude are what you seek, trekking the diverse Sierra de la Laguna Mountain Range in Los Cabos is just what the doctor ordered. Nestled 16 miles outside of […]

7 Things to Know If You Plan to Charter a Luxury Yacht

Planning to charter a luxury yacht? Although there are a few private resort marinas in Los Cabos that will let you bring your own vessel, some travelers prefer the convenience of simply chartering a luxury yacht at their destination. This option is particularly advantageous for those who are: • Visiting Los Cabos for a short […]

Dock Your Yacht in East Cape, Where You and the Crew Will Enjoy These 4 Activities

Searching for a yachting getaway with one-of-a-kind sights, sounds, and adventure at every turn? Set sail in stunning surroundings that are nothing short of breathtaking in Los Cabos’ East Cape, where you can recharge your batteries and make lifelong memories with your nearest and dearest. From the brilliant, jewel-toned sea stretching across the horizon to […]