A Rich Culture of Natural Beauty: Spotlight on San Dionisio

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

While known for the stunning, sapphire-blue waters, Baja California is a contradictory land of desert and sea that lives harmoniously together, creating a microclimate like no other. In addition, Baja is home to a collection of natural attractions that soothe the senses; grounding the soul with experiences.

Just miles from Costa Palmas lies the rural community of San Dionisio. A mecca for open-air adventures, approximately 50 people, most families, inhabit the land on nearly 14 ranches that facilitate an alternative tourism that drawns naturalists, hikers and explorers year-round.

The drive exhibits Baja’s native vegetation: including majestic cardones, palo blanco, palo de arco, pitahayas, choyas and an an endless variety of other flora.

Upon arrival to San Dionisio, tourists and locals alike have the option of mountain climbing, rappelling and more – all with the secure guidance and assurance from the trusted and professional ranch hosts. Of the many activities, one of the most popular is hiking when people can wander on well-worn trails, learning about the flora and fauna of the region. Many also enjoy mountain biking, canyon trails, zip line adventures and guided tours to the peaks of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains, complete with waterfall and mountain views.

The granite mountains of the Sierra de la Laguna range were declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1994. In fact, the water from the Sierra de la Laguna mountains create several stunning waterfalls complete with “pozas” – the ideal location to jump and swim. The mountain range contributes to natural life force that is Baja.

Whether taking an Adventure Day trip to Santiago or visiting the mountains at San Dionisio, the natural beauty of Baja is just waiting to be discovered.

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