6 Superyacht Maintenance Tips to Follow When You Dock in East Cape

Your superyacht is your home away from home, and you can help it run and look its best with some basic superyacht maintenance. And although you should leave major repairs to the experts, there are some vital tasks that you can do on your own. Docked in the East Cape of Baja California Sur.

Work your way through this checklist between trips to keep your superyacht functioning at peak performance.

  1. Check your window and hatch seals

    A superyacht is only as strong as its weakest link, and for many luxury vessels, the seals around the windows and hatches are often the first to take damage. Long-term sun exposure can cause tears and punctures that lead to leaks into the boat’s interior. A quick visual inspection can help you determine if a problem needs to be addressed.

  2. Remove sunscreen stains from seating

    If you own a residence in Marina Village, you already know that the East Cape is an Eden of sunshine nearly every day of the year. But while sunblock is a staple for superyacht owners and their guests, it can wreak havoc on your seating.

    That’s because sunscreen breaks down over time when exposed to sunlight, eating away at upholstery, leather, and other surfaces. The sooner you wipe down those surfaces with a cloth and gentle eco-friendly cleaner, the better.

  3. Purge and inspect the engines

    Ask any seafaring adventurer about their love-hate relationship with the ocean and you’re bound to hear some griping about saltwater. Regular maintenance should involve removing all the saltwater from your engines to inspect for corrosion and damage from salt build-up.

    If you don’t already have one, consider putting in a freshwater flush system, which makes the process much easier.

  4. Clean out dry boxes

    Your superyacht’s dry boxes should be just that: DRY.

    Start by removing any dirt, crumbs, or water, then let them air dry with the lids open. Boxes that aren’t cleaned out regularly can begin to stink because the dark sealed environment allows for mold and mildew to flourish.

  5. Clean and wax the exterior

    Fish guts, sea spray, and spilled tequila can make for a pretty funky odor—especially after sitting in the warm sun to fester. A well-developed cleaning routine will keep your superyacht smelling and looking its best.

    Beyond just the superficial aesthetics, regularly cleaning and waxing increases your exterior’s durability. Applying a protective layer of boat wax helps keep water and air from penetrating the fiberglass gel coat. By preventing oxidation, you’ll help maintain the glossy finish of your vessel longer.

    How often you wax will depend on a variety of factors, including the climate, the color of your hull, and how frequently your yacht is exposed to the elements.

  6. Cover the yacht

    As you stroll past the luxury sailboats and superyachts docked at Marina Village at Costa Palmas, you may notice that some of them sport custom-fit cloth and canvas covers. These covers are designed to protect the deck and hull from bird droppings and sun exposure. They’re well worth the investment of both time and money to keep your superyacht looking its best.

  7. Maintenance best left to the experts

    Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable doing everything yourself. Few superyacht owners have the knowledge and experience to handle the more complex maintenance necessary. Beyond the annual servicing—which covers major components, such as the engine, drivetrain, and generator—these maintenance tasks may need to be done once a month, quarterly, or every six months.

    If you’re new to the East Cape, the Marina at Costa Palmas offers a variety of comprehensive services from top experts in the superyacht industry. It’s one of the many perks of living at a luxury resort that caters to yachters.

    Whether you’ve done all you can in terms of DIY maintenance or simply prefer to hand the baton to an expert for peace of mind before your next voyage, consider hiring out the following:

    1. Do a systems check

      Superyachts have a lot of moving parts and it only takes one to break down and ruin a trip. If you’re using your yacht regularly in the East Cape, a monthly system check is advised. Don’t be embarrassed to defer to the experts on this one. You definitely want professional eyes on the many components needed to keep things running smoothly. Think pumps, batteries, coolant, fuel, lubrication, and exhaust and air intake, among other items.

    2. Flush the air conditioning

      As a general rule, the hotter the climate, the more frequently you’ll need to do maintenance on your air conditioning system. In the East Cape, you’ll want to have your A/C lines acid flushed about every six months to ensure they’re clean and in good working order.

    3. Clean the bottom of the yacht

      Not every maintenance concern can be viewed from above the surface. In locations with warmer water, you’ll need to have the bottom of the yacht cleaned monthly to ensure it can function efficiently. That’s because barnacles, algae, and other marine life can attach to the hull or other running gear. This impedes performance and can damage your vessel over the long haul.

      This is also an opportunity to look for larger dents and scratches below the surface.

      The process is simple for experienced divers. You can expect to pay either an hourly rate or by the square foot for this underwater cleaning. Simply ask about the service at the Marina at Costa Palmas.

    4. Have the fluids analyzed

      When your yacht mechanics are checking the fluids, have them pull oil samples from the engines, generator, and transmission. These samples can then be sent to a lab to test the health of the components. This will serve two purposes: to prevent a problem from occurring before you spot it visually, and to indicate to future owners (if you ever sell) that you’ve done your due diligence on preventative maintenance.

Headed to the East Cape for the first time? Learn more about your options for buying a residence at Marina Village in Costa Palmas. You could be living just steps away from your own private slip for your superyacht.

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