4 Tips to Prepare for Sailing off of Los Cabos

What could be better than cruising Los Cabos by luxury yacht?

Los Cabos is a dreamy destination encompassing everything you’d imagine in a beautiful beach getaway. Panoramic views of the sparkling sea, an array of adventures to be had, and every first-class amenity at your fingertips–and that’s just the beginning.

Whether you plan to drop anchor at Marina Village near the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos or prefer to stretch your sea legs out on the open ocean, it’s always best to be prepared.

Before you head out on your long holiday, read these four tips to guarantee your getaway meets and exceeds your expectations.

  • Dish the details on your preference sheet

    A chartered yacht’s crew takes the business of preparing for a trip as seriously as they do the time you’re actually aboard.

    When filling out your preference sheet, be as detailed and thorough as possible–and encourage the rest of your guests to do the same.

    By including all dietary restrictions, allergies, food preferences, and requests for things like themed dinners or beach parties, you’re helping the crew plan a highly-customized experience.

    Make sure you jot down everything from your favorite brand of champagne to excursions you want to take–the more you mention, the better your trip will be.

    A luxury Los Cabos cruise makes for the trip of a lifetime. And your crew will play a big role in your day-to-day during your trip.

  • Create a vacation “bucket list”

    Vacation vibes vary from traveler to traveler. Some people enjoy using their downtime to totally unplug from the outside world. Others prefer to fill each moment with sightseeing, socializing, and action-packed adventure.

    Whichever style sounds like you–or even if you’re a combination of the two, think about the activities you definitely want to include on your itinerary.

    Your luxury vessel’s crew will cater to your every request, which includes setting a schedule for your time aboard the luxury watercraft.

    If you’ve set your sights on a relaxing massage or other spa treatment, bringing musicians aboard the boat, or even coordinating fireworks to celebrate a special occasion, your crew can make it happen.

    Interested in taking the yacht’s water toys out for a spin? Communicate your “must-do” list, and you’ll be jet skiing, snorkeling, or heading out with a local guide on a fishing expedition before you know it.

  • Pack light, but don’t skip the essentials

    For a longer luxury cruise, you might be tempted to bring along your entire wardrobe.

    Instead of overpacking (and getting overwhelmed), pack smart.

    • Shoes

      One of the biggest rules about yacht attire is wearing the proper footwear.

      Depending on your particular watercraft, you’ll either be asked to remain barefoot or to wear soft-soled shoes. Be sure to check your yacht’s rules before you arrive.

      In order to keep the yacht’s teak decks in tip-top shape, you’ll likely be asked to drop your shoes into a basket as you reach the end of the gangway or at the entrance of the main salon.

      Include comfortable walking shoes and/or athletic shoes for onshore activities where you’ll be exercising or doing a good bit of walking.

      Round out your vacation footwear selection with two pairs of sandals, one for hitting the pool or beach and one for dressier dinners or other outings.

    • Clothing

      When it comes to clothes, opt for pieces that are comfortable, easy to layer, and transition easily from day to night.

      Light-colored clothing won’t trap heat and will keep you cool as you go from pool to brunch or lunch.

      Don’t forget to pack the necessary workout wear. Stay comfortable doing yoga, hitting the gym, or stopping for a round of golf at Costa Palmas Golf Club.

      Finally, don’t forget to include a couple of pieces for cooler or rainy weather.  Unexpected weather could require a raincoat, sweatshirt, or light jacket.

    • Accessories

      Even if you’re a seasoned beachgoer, don’t skimp on the sunblock. Lotions, sprays, and lip balm–it’s all beneficial.

      It’s also wise to pack at least 1-2 hats, sunglasses, and even swimwear with built-in SPF to keep sunburns at bay.

      A beach bag, tote, or convenient crossbody is key for stowing your essentials when heading onshore to explore new places.

  • Try something–or somewhere–new

    Wherever you drop anchor, ,ake your extended getaway truly memorable by stepping out of your comfort zone. The nearby coastal cities and desert towns are filled with culture, breathtaking sights, and adventure.

    • Marina Village

      At Marina Village, take your vacation out on dry land and enjoy your choice of spots to mix and mingle with faces old and new.
      The resort’s premier port-of-call is a vibrant hub of activity. Head over to the nightclub and dance the night away. Or relax and find a cozy place to sit, enjoying the sounds of live music as you unwind.
      You could gather around the wood-fired pizza oven and sip a glass of wine or a craft cocktail at the outdoor lounge. Or sit in the cozy courtyard, watching the massive ships as they glide effortlessly through the water.
      Tempt your tastebuds with tantalizing flavors at Mozza, where you can eat al fresco. Or head inside to experience Chef Nancy’s latest culinary creations in the dining room.
      For one-of-a-kind shopping; pop into the colorful, open-air shops that dot the marina, like Casena. Browse a carefully curated selection of artisan wares and gifts. Snack on fresh-baked bread or sip a cup of delicious coffee. You’ll want to take all the time you can before reboarding.

    • Explore nearby towns

      Want to brush up on your regional history skills, check out the art scene, or see local landmarks? Luckily for you, East Cape has it all.

      • San Jose del Cabo

        Los Cabos is a hotspot for art and artists. Charter a private yacht to San Jose del Cabo, where the bustling Art District is home to a number of galleries.
        Disembark and take a stroll along the town’s “Art Walk” and peruse pottery, jewelry, and sculptures crafted by talented local artists.
        A number of boutiques, cafes, and wine bars are perfect for casual wandering.

      • El Triunfo

        El Triunfo is a former mining town and a must-see for those interested in the area’s historical roots. At one time, the town was home to bustling silver and gold mines.
        Take a trip back in time in this quaint, colonial time, where you can explore interactive exhibits at the Silver Route Museum and a simulated mine for all ages to enjoy.

      • Miraflores

        Surrounded by organic farms and ranches next to the Sierra Laguna Mountains, Miraflores is a gem in the heart of Los Cabos.
        Miraflores is home to a local saddlery, to add to your trip’s treasures. Here you can watch craftsmen make high-quality, hand-crafted goods like purses, wallets, belts, or saddles.
        Miraflores is famous for it’s flavorful, authentic Mexican dishes. Made with fresh local fair; like peppers, herbs, rich chorizo and tender cuts of beef.
        For added excitement, venture right outside the town limits and take a dip in restorative natural hot springs.

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